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Month: November 2018

Tips from Industry Experts: How to Hire Security Guards

Whenever you are choosing a company to protect your safety, it’s important to do your homework. Before selecting the right security guards for your particular situation, make sure that you are choosing a company that offers the types of protection…

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Tips for Effective Event Security in Los Angeles

For those who are planning an important event, effective event security in Los Angeles is the only way to ensure not only that your guests will be safe, but that all equipment and displays will be protected as well.  Utilizing…

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Keep Your Shoppers Safe with Uniformed Security Officers in Los Angeles

If you own a retail store, the security of your employees and your guests should be one of your biggest priorities.  Leaving security to chance by assuming that nothing could ever go wrong is the easiest way to…

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How secure is your cloud provisioning?

Many cloud computing pundits state that cloud computing introduces a new method of Infrastructure-as-a-Service; however, that is just not the case. Cloud computing introduces automation, orchestration, service provisioning/delivery and service management either initiated or through application programmable interfaces (APIs)….

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Event Security in Hollywood: Why Personal Security Matters in Today’s World

Hollywood is a bustling, activity-filled area that contains a big mix of tourists, locals and high profile celebrities.  With all of the different types of people in the area and all of the glamour and power that goes…

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