Blog Advisory System by Airbag Industries and Cub1cle.

Here is a colorful chart. And if you can't see it then we can't help you.


In these dark times you can never be too careful that’s why we at the Airbag Department of Security created a Blog Advisory System so that Website Masters can alert their users to the threat condition of words being used.

Do you use words like crap, damn, hell, poop, kakka in your blog posts and/or comments? Then consider adding the an Airbag Department of Security Blog Advisory System badge to your site to prevent people from becoming victims of your freedom hating content. Sticks and stones sure, but believe me pal, the power of the blog comment is mightier than a dirty bomb.

Developed in our secret Australian labs by |337 h3x0r Cub1cle, the Blog Advisory System is easy to add to any website on the Internets that are compatible with modern technology called Javascript.

Official Tom Ridge Badge of Honor Sample:

Sample badge


Built by people who have read about scientist from NASA, the Automatic Rating System scans your site for certain words that might otherwise scare good people away from reading or commenting on UR website. Simply copy and past the following code into the HTML code of your website.

DIY Jack Donaghy EDITION v1.1

Don't need a silly computer to classify the offensiveness of your creative genius? Bold. Confident. We like that. Here you go Mr/s. Confident, code that doesn't hold back. Copy and paste the following into your website and edit the rating by choosing a value between 0 and 4, like this: rating=0. We suggest starting with 0 and working your way to 4.


Not sure why you're here? We suggest reading this and then use Google to figure out the rest. Pack a lunch and bring your Visa because Blog Drama™ doesn't serve meals before 9PM and they don't accept cash.


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